Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nakaka-In Love Talaga!

They say that "A man falls in love with a woman's beauty, while a woman falls for his words."

I know this is the love month so I decided not to write about that gushy stuff since everyone is talking about it anyways in their own blog sites! This enrty isn't about boy-meets-girl, girl-falls-in-love-with-boy. It's quite the opposite actually. It's about how one girl was smart enough to see, or rather hear, that she was wasting her time with a loser.

Now back to that quote. It is a fact that men are visual creatures. They are initially (and forever) attracted to what they deem beautiful=sexy in their eyes. Women, on the other hand, are wired differently. We are emotional beings. We are drawn to what we hear, feel, and touch. But mostly to what we hear e.g. promises men make that they really mean to break.

So here's the true story of a boy and a girl who will totally disprove that theory! Not all women will fall for a man's words... and definitely not with this man...

He greets her this way every morning thru text (and literally spells this way too):
"Let the birds greets you a good morning as the sun shine on your face! Isang magandang umaga! I just weak up. I'm now prepairing for work." (Birds greets? Really? Subject-verb agreement! Helloooo! And spell-check lately?)

Sometimes he likes to mix it up with other made-up inspiring quotes:
"I just feel how lucky we are living in the world full of 'challenges'. I call it color of life... Always a new day to start. Let's be inspire." (Hindi ako na-inspire! Ikaw?)

He's not only fond of making up quotes but words too:
"Tiki-tiki!" He said one time. "What did you just say?" She asked. "Kinikiliti kasi kita." He replied.

"Ohhhh! You mean tickle tickle!" (Tiki-tiki for baby! Hahaha!)

And more words of wisdom:
"Everything happened for a reason... and they happens for the goodment." (Is "goodment" even a word? And don't get me started with the 'happened' and happens'!)

He also asks questions that will have you lost for an answer:
"To whom do you learn that from?" (Eto piso, humanap ka ng kausap mo!)

And more questions that will leave you dumbfounded:
"Is your Sun [cellular] have load? Please call me." (Ano daw? Nakakaloka!)

He definitely knows what he deserves:
"I only reply now because I leave my phone at another place and I had drinks with my brother and cousins last night. I don't know if you will forgive me but I know my mistake. I disorb to be panish." (She forgave him for that mistake but not for this.)

But he has his moments where he can be a real sweetheart:
"I car wash your car. Now I fix your bumper." ('I washed your car' would've been fine you know and besides my bumper doesn't need fixing! Thank you very much!)

He also knows exactly what to say to melt any girl's heart:
"I'll ganna miss you." (Pwes, hindi kita ma-mimiss! Bwiset!)

And he absolutely knows How-To-Lose-A-Girl-In-10 Days:
At the end of a huge argument, she asks, "Do even you love me?"
He replies, "In some level." (Where at? Hahaha!)

I gotta hand it to the dude--- at least he's funny (without even trying!) Hahaha! O diba nakaka-in love siya talaga? Sinong babae ang hindi mahuhulog sa kagaya niya? I mean, I do understand that English is his second language. I'm not an expert as well. Therefore, as non-native speakers it's only natural to make mistakes. But it seeems like he really thinks he is right and that it makes him sound cool. Dude, reality check: It makes you sound stupid! Totally not cool! Mag-tagalog ka nalang!

I don't know who's dumber... the dude who obviously should quit trying so hard to speak and write in English or....

....the girl who gave this guy a chance even though she knows that she's way out of his league.

"I'm not surprised you broke up so soon! Hindi kayo magka-level! Obviously mas matalino ka sa kanya! But for someone who's supposed to be smarter, you were stupid enough not to see right from the start that he's stupid and a jerk!" Said the poor girl's bestfriend.


  1. ahehehe...ito ako ulit...I'm not so sure kung magka-contrast talaga tayo ng paniniwala. Kahit siguro sa language na nakasanayan magkaiba talaga, but sa totoo lang, nakakatuwa ang mga entries mo...

    balik tayo sa post mo...eto po ang masasabi ko..

    nakakatakot naman masyadong mabusisi, para sa akin ok na yung naiintidihan, nagkakamali minsan pero hindi naman OA na tulad n'yan, pero sana nga tinagalog niya na lang kaysa nagmukha siyang tanga...isa pa, kung ganyan ang linya na tipong panahon pa ni Mahoma..."Let the birds greet you a good morning as the sun shine on your face! Isang magandang umaga! I just wake up. I'm now preparing for work."...ahahaha...korni pa din ito...pero baka naman may alagang parakeet or parrot ang kaibigan mo..."tweet...tweeet...good morning!...good morning!"...ahahaha...

    pero aminado din ako hindi ako bihasa sa English o khit maging sa Tagalog...pero isa ang sigurado, nakakaintindi ako kahit nakalagay pa yan language ng Mathematics...

    nice entry...kinabagan yata ako sa mga hirit nya...ahahaha!

  2. hahaha.. as my brother said, 'better have a peer tutoring in English with Ms. Janina'.. in fairness..

  3. Supergulaman: sabi ko naman it's normal to make mistakes diba but not all the time at tama ka, hindi naman ung OA na! i've already heard about him at ang mga one-of-a-kind hirit nya like a thousand times but until now it still makes me laugh! hahaha!

    i was thinking of keeping in spirit with the love month but i couldn't think of anything to write about love (ganito talaga siguro pag jaded! hehehe) kaya ito nlng naisip ko at least nakakatawa pa!

  4. You never fail to make me laugh! :) Oooh! Keep posting! I'm loving it!:) oOo hugs oOo

  5. First Comment ko ata to sa Blog mo..a duh!..obvious ba?..hahahahaha...

    anyway,di rin ako magaling mag ingles dahil sa klasrum ko lang ginagamit yan..pag nasa labas na ang kahit isang paa ko lang sa pinto ng Room,tagalog at hilaw na espanyol na angsalita ko...lolz...ano nga ba ang gusto kong sabihin?well,ok lang ang mga simpleng mali pero kung tulad naman nyan....hahahaha...ewan ko!..di rin ako perpekto tulad ng sabi mo..kaya no comment na lang ako....lolz....

    (no comment pero ang haba!?)...

  6. At may approval Pa?...lol...

    o sya...mag antay kung mag antay...



    U have a nice Day Mich..